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A blog about "Friendship"

I would like to welcome you all and my teacher Hala to my blog about friendship.

Welcome, I am Mujtaba Mohammad from the Republic of the Sudan .I am a student at the University of Science and Technology. I live in Khartoum, capital.

Because of the importance of this topic, I open the debate here and I would like to ask you to interact here, to add your points of view and opinions openly for the benefit of all.

In our daily lives, all of us have " Rafkis", or friends. I want to ask about the real meaning of "Friendship", the meaning of a "friend". What is the real meaning that is carried by the word" Friendship"?

Do you think there is a difference between Sahib and friend? If there is a difference, what is it ? Are there any rules and principles of friendship ? Are you loyal to your friends ? Do you give your time to your friends or only art of it? Why? Is there a certain number of friends you must carefully consider? Why? In your opinion of friendship, who is more dear to you: the nearest friend or brother? Why? Do you have permanent friends after putting them under a test ? Did any friend betrayed you before? In betrayal of a friend ,do you blame yourself or your friend?

I hope this topic is of interest for many of you and I wish you all success , always

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dearest friends Mujtaba

Teacher Hala Fawzi

I study At UST.Computer Science third group.I live in Bahry(Eastern Nile).My hobbies are going to the Internet,making programs , and playing cards.I am the third of my six brothers where they live in KSA Abha(It is a nice city in the Southern of KSA).I am using the Internet from 2001 since I was at Intermediate school for searching,playing,chatting,and educating. My blog My wiki

I am Gaya. I live in Almohendessin City, Omdurman. I study at Tagana University, College of Computer Science first class.My father is an accountant, my mother is not working and she is staying home to help us.I have four brothers studying at universities, except for my younger brother who is studying at Ahlia Secondary School, Second class. My wiki My blog

I am Ali Mohammed Arif Alhaj.I study in University of Science &Technology,in group (three).I live in Omdurman ( Almohandeseen).I have two brothers and one sister, my father and mother. My hobbies are : football and swimming and I like reading books and work on my PC. In a weekend I watch TV and after that I go to mosque to pray after that I access the Internet for,